How Effective is Your Applicant Tracking System?

employAstar is far-reaching cloud based recruiting software. It makes your hiring more effective and efficient which helps all the recruitment firms, agencies and corporates to hire candidates easily and maintain best staffing to accomplish organisation goals. Employees are the asset and gives edge over the other organisations. To maintain competitive advantage with the employees in the current globalization one should have good hiring process. employAstar comes with lots of features that can be extensively utilized for hiring process. It gives immense support for the recruiters to maximize their productivity and fix all the troubles and crisis with candidate management. Social recruiting is the new saga of recruitment in the present scenario leveraging social media as effective sources where employer can connect directly to the right candidate and efficiently take through the hiring process. It creates a platform to understand the candidate competencies in order to maintain staffing. Recruitment done in the organizations is not just about a one-time effort to fill the vacancy, it should be long lasting relationship. employAstar is the applicant tracking software utilized for tracking right candidates through the social media and mobile connect. It automates the recruitment process such as resume parsing, search candidates and many more, provides recruitment at low cost with in less time and also hires right candidate at right time.


Recruitment Software functionally includes job description and job specifications that are necessary to fill the vacancy. This ATS software will sort out the candidates list based on the specification and description of the job acts as Applicant Tracking System which will support the HR manger to track candidates easily and hire the potential candidate. Now-a-days many corporations and recruiting firms are leveraging on the ATS to hire candidates, but, how effective are they?  employAstar recruiting software is easy to understand and access. It comes with package of features such as candidate portals, manage assessments, search candidates, HR analytics and more. This cloud software will come at low cost and pay per use is another attribute.  employAstar is one of the leading Staffing and Recruitment Software in India, our clients are enjoying the best results with this software, and attrition rate will come down with this software because it gives opportunity to track right candidates, you can get more insights of candidates through social media so that the employer can directly connect to him. This will also provide flexibility to HR and candidates. Don’t wait for much time to take decision on attrition rate, employee issues, staffing problems; hiring process and more, use employAstar and check the differences.


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