Why EmployAstar

Most of the recruiters are facing problems in recruiting a right qualified candidate and confused with too many resumes, candidate data while storing and re looking it.

EmployAstar which is a cloud-based recruiting platform powered by salesforce, helps staffing agencies and recruiting departments to move beyond the regular ATS and conduct their entire recruitment quickly and efficiently.  It helps to recruiter & company to manage their end to end activities in hiring process.

Easy to customize, User Friendly with Affordable Price



  • Resume Parsing

                Applicants from multiple sources can be placed in one place. All of these different applicant sources are automatically parsed , stored and made searchable through the ATS. Any format is supported in employAstar like .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, and .txt. Etc., Single resumes or multiple resumes can be parsed at a time.

  • Dynamic Search Engine

             Recruiters can reach the desired candidates by Speck time saving both time & effort. The powerful search engine allows recruiters to filter candidate’s basis:

  • Advanced Search
  • Categories
  • Buzzwords
  • Customizable Dashboards

            Highlights the entire staffing activity with simple and easy to understand format. For an unparalleled level of insight into conversion and success rates, key performance indicators, productivity and pipeline activity, employAstar provides the information you need. Moreover you save time and effort preparing a management report as the report is updated in real time.

  • Email Candidates Directly from your ATS

           Instead of using multiple programs to mail candidates you can mail directly to candidate through ATS. Organizations can send automated mails to corresponding persons.

  • Client Management

             Organization can handle all clients’ information with proper data. Data will be stored in the software and you can re look whenever necessary.

  • Background Verification

            Employee screening is a difficult task to the organization. Employee background verification, eligibility verification & tax credit are verified in the software.

  • Appointment Management

            Provides appoint management with automated Salary calculations leave policy Etc., Organization can generate any type of letter to candidates like appointment letter, appraisal letter & offer letter.

  • Invoice module

           Any type of Invoice can be sent to clients. EmployAstar have strong invoice module.

  • Profit & Loss Module

              Organizations can calculate profit and loss in monthly or yearly basis. By profit & loss Module Company can know exactly whether it is profit or loss and further they can plan accordingly.

  • Vendor management

              EmployAstar have also expanded their scope in terms of the type of candidate hires they support. EmployAstar vendors are extending their solutions to provide Vendor Management System (VMS) functionality. VMS software enables hiring companies to publish job requisitions to multiple staffing companies and manage their candidate submissions to reduce time to fill and encourage competitive pricing. VMS functionality helps companies manage and report on permanent and temporary hiring within a single system.

  • Users, Roles & Profiles

               Creates users with specific role and profile-based permissions across ownership of data (own, team, hierarchical, product and location) ensuring maximum flexibility to suite organizational data access and restriction needs.

  • Campus Hiring

               EmployAstar is a specialized Campus Placement Platform for Educational institutions that automates the entire process of inviting corporate for campus placement. The hiring managers of visiting companies are able to view profiles of students and shortlist them.  It also enables students to apply for jobs online by visiting the corporate and tracking their placement process right from their application to Group Discussions & Interviews. The system provides for HR Manager of visiting companies to directly roll out offers.

  • Saves Time

                With the help of automated interview scheduling, pre-screening, data sharing, pre-populated online forms and many other features, an ATS enables you to stop entering data and start filling positions. This result in more productive work days and faster time-to hire. By implementing an ATS most companies can reduce time-to-fill by more than 40%.

  • Cost effective

                 Communicating with candidates, entering data, handling their interview process & other administrative duties like a time sheet, invoice etc., gives time consuming and reduces the resource hours. These extra expenses and paperwork can be diminished using recruitment software.










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